How To Stay Focused (Without Caffeine)


Joseph Busby |

64% of American Adults consume coffee every day and for good reason. It helps us work more effectively. The problem is, most people are dependent on caffeine, and going without it comes with terrible withdrawals. Headaches, anxiety, low energy levels, and irritability are some symptoms of withdrawal, just to name a few. That's a big trade-off to make and some people would rather get their energy from natural, non-addictive sources.

The quality of our focus and energy levels is what determines our ability to perform throughout the day and solve complex problems. Here's how to have high energy and laser focus without becoming caffeine-dependent.

Take A Power Nap

Sometimes our brain needs a quick reset so it can continue to give you high output. Get 15-30 minutes of shut-eye in the middle of the day sometime before 3 P.M. Whether you're an entrepreneur solving complex problems or an artist looking to stimulate your creativity, try taking a quick power nap to recharge.

Get Daily Exercise 
When you begin to get tired, try doing some physical activity to wake up your mind and body. If you're sitting still for too long, you might get tired mentally or physically. In this case, it's good to put yourself into shock by doing a set of push-ups, squats, or jumping jacks. Try doing a set at the top of every hour that you're working and feel an incredible difference!

Eat Nutrient Dense Foods
Food is the body's fuel, and in order to have energy throughout the day, you have to eat the right nutrients. Try eating foods that are high in carbs and include enough vitamins & minerals to keep you going strong. We recommend fruits, vegetables, nuts, and Greek yogurt to give you the fuel your body needs throughout the day. 

Drink Enough Water
If you're having trouble focusing, then it may be because you're dehydrated.  When you're dehydrated, your brain doesn't have everything it needs to function, and your cognitive ability isn't as sharp. Drink a big glass of water every two hours to keep your body running at its best.

Go Outside & Get Sunlight
Nothing beats stepping into the warm sunlight, it tells your body that it's time to wake up! If you find yourself hitting a midday slump, then it might be time to take a 15-minute stroll outside. When you return to the task at hand, you'll have an uplifted mood and increased cognitive function.

Take Some Deep Breaths
Deep breathing has many health benefits, and it's absolutely free! It's great for improving focus, decreasing stress, and sleeping better. When you find yourself getting tired during the day, take five minutes to practice deep breathing.